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Case study: landing page redesign boosts conversion rate 700 percent

It’s well known that a few simple changes in the design of a landing page for an SEM campaign can result in a significantly higher conversion rate. To wit: after redesigning a landing page, Gresham Storage Solutions saw a 700% increase in conversions. How did Gresham do it? By implementing a few simple best practices in landing page design.

Original Landing Page

The Original Landing Page Design

New Landing Page

The New Landing Page Design

Keep it focused
The biggest issue with the original page was that the first two paragraphs had nothing to do with the call to action. These paragraphs read more like an advertisement and probably deterred visitors from reading further to learn about the white paper. The new page cuts to the chase: download a free white paper.

Make images relevant
The central image is now more relevant. The image was changed from a picture of a hardware component that Gresham sells to an image of the actual white paper that this landing page offers for download. There is now no ambiguity about what the offer is. This helps reinforce that the landing page is not so much an advertisement for Gresham as an offer to obtain something of value.

Make it easy
In general, the less work the visitor has to do, the higher the conversion rate. The original form required four pieces of information. This was reduced to three by combining the first and last name fields. Also, the label for the form “submit” button was changed to a more compelling, action-oriented label: “click here to download your free white paper.”

Words and layout matter
Subtle changes to the text and layout make this page more compelling overall. For example, the first sentence—now placed in a paragraph by itself—makes it crystal clear what the offer is. And the second paragraph now introduces the critical word “free” (in bold), which was missing from the first version.

Together, these straightforward changes made all the difference in boosting Gresham’s conversion rate. If you’d like expert assistance in taking your landing pages to the next level, contact me.