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A simple trick to reduce inbound spam

The mailto tag in HTML provides a simple way for a website visitor to contact you by email using a hyperlink. For instance:

<a href="">Email John Doe</a>

Unfortunately, if your website uses this tag — and most do — automated web crawlers will eventually find it and add your email address to their library of spam target lists.

An easy workaround is to use JavaScript. Simply replace the mailto line in the HTML with these lines:

<script type="javascript">
document.write("<a href='mailto:" + emailname + "@" + emailserver + "'>");
document.write(emailname + "@" + emailserver);
document.write('Email John Doe');

This code breaks apart the elements of a typical HTML mailto line of code in a way that spam crawlers can’t re-assemble. Voila, you now have an email hyperlink that spam crawlers won’t find!